San Alfonso Del Mar Tourism, Chile

February 5th 2014 | Chile
San Alfonso Del Mar is a resort which is very beautiful and a very beautiful pool as there is on the edge of the beach. The resort is in Algarrobo, Chile. About 120 kilometers west of the capital Santiago. This swimming pool has a very beautiful and is perfect for your vacation. The pool holds

Parinacota Tourism, Chile

October 9th 2013 | Chile
Parinacota volcano Volcan is a very beautiful natural scenery in the surrounding mountains and the Lake, there is a very remarkable. The volcano’s symmetrical stratovolcano in northern Chile near the border with Bolivia. Along with the Pomerape volcanoes older volcano about 4 miles to the North East volcanic group form the Nevados de Payachata. Parinacota

Atacama Desert Tourism, Chile

June 12th 2013 | Chile
Atacama Desert is a desert that is very beautiful in the Highlands in South America with a desert view a very overwhelming. This includes the desert region about 1,000 kilometers of land on the Pacific coast, west of the Andes Mountains. Atacama Desert occupies approximately 105,000 square kilometers and is largely made up of salt lakes,

Easter Island Tourism in Chile

May 10th 2013 | Chile
Easter Island is a very beautiful island with the appeal of a superb view and the beach is fabulous with these forests. The island is located in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the Southeastern most point of the Polynesian Triangle. The island is famous for its monumental statues with a form like Figure 887 moai

Marble Cave Tourism, Chile

March 16th 2013 | Chile
Marble Cave is a cave located in the middle of the Lake with the marble stones tour. Set in Patagonia, and the second largest freshwater lake in South America, here too there is a marble Cathedral, elaborate system of caves that contain water. For many people it is a network of the most beautiful caves

Montana Magica in Chile

March 7th 2013 | Chile
Montana Magica is exactly what you think, this is a hotel shaped like a mountain that spews water over the top. Huilo, located in private nature reserve in the Los Rios of Chile. This is a cottage which was built with quality materials by craftsmen community around Neltume and Puerto Fuy, mountain villages of small