Tiger Leaping Gorge Tourism, China

August 13th 2015 | China
Tiger Leaping Gorge is a gorge on the river is very beautiful with a mountain view are very unusual. the Canyon is located 60 kilometres north of the town of Lijiang, Yunnan province in Southwest China. The Gorge is part of 3 Parallel rivers Yunnan Region and is a world heritage site. The Gorge is

Longyou Caves Tourism, China

May 26th 2015 | China
Longyou Caves Grotto is a very special one with a view of the cave which is very amazing. This is a huge cave with stones are very large. This cave is a series of artificial caves are very remarkable. This cave is located in Phoenix Hill, near the village of Beicun Shiyan on the LAN

Forbidden City Tourism, China

May 18th 2015 | China
Forbidden City is a very old city with the best building artifacts in the world. The city is situated amidst the ancient city of Beijing is the Royal Palace during the period of the Ming dynasty and the Qing dynasty of China. It is one of the most attractive tourist sites in the world. The

Eternity Passage in Beijing

May 13th 2015 | China
Eternity Passage is a very special theme park with entertainment amenities that are very much at all. The Park is located in the Town of ChangPing County of Beijing, China. The Park is very large and very complete. The Park is being built and will open in the summer of this year 2015. The Park

Yuanduan in China

May 7th 2015 | China
Yuanduan is a bridge so amazing once the layout of the bridge at the top and on the edge of a cliff which is very unusual. This place is located in Jiangxi, China. This place has a very beautiful view of all. The visitors have to prepare yourself, to cross the bridge. But don’t worry,

Hello Kitty Park in Zhejiang

April 25th 2015 | China
Hello Kitty Park is a very beautiful garden once supplied with Hello Kitty is a very remarkable. The Park is located in Anji county, Huzhou city, Zhejiang Province, East China. About 3 hours’ drive west of Shanghai. The Park has all the entertainment you want. If your garden is do not forget to bring your
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