Mount Sanqingshan Tourism, China

June 18th 2013 | China
Mount Sanqingshan is a very spectacular mountains with a very natural beauty and stunning waterfalls. The mountain is located about 45 km north of Yushan County in Jiangxi province, China. It became a UNESCO World Heritage site on July 6, 2008. It has been classified as a national park of China. And famous as a

Tianmen Mountains Tourism, China

June 9th 2013 | China
Tianmen Mountains is a very beautiful mountain with views of nature that is so wonderful with the tour by very high mountains. The mountain is situated in Tianmen Mountains National Park, Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, China. On top of this mountain, tourists can walk through the glass floor that is fabulous and has a length of

Mount Hua Tourism, China

June 3rd 2013 | China
Mount Hua is a mountain that is fabulous and very challenging because here in the very abyss in the cycle once and beautiful. Located near the city Huayin in Shaanxi Province. And about 120 kilometers east of Xi’an. The mountain is around 2,156 meters south of the Summit of the mountain. Mount Hua is one

Yangshuo Tourism in China

May 18th 2013 | China
Yangshuo is a very beautiful city, because in these mountains are very high with the incredible natural scenery. It is located in Guilin, Guangxi Province, China. In 1980, the city became popular with foreign backpackers, and late 1990s tourists started arriving in larger quantities. And at the time was domestic tourism represents only a fraction

Panda inn Hotel, China

April 17th 2013 | China
Panda inn hotel is located at the foot of Mount Emei in Emeishan, Sichuan province in China’s Southwest, the hotel is scheduled to open in May, appears to answer the prayers of the traveling panda lovers need a place to sleep. Hotels with 32 rooms soon will embrace guests with the first interior decor as

Chongqing Tourism in China

April 1st 2013 | China
Chongqing is the largest city in southwestern China and also one of the five National City Center in the people’s republic of China and the scenery. Chongqing is the largest city in Southwest China. And also a port city on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. With an area of 82,400 square kilometers. The
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