Dwarf Empire unique

September 25th 2012 | China
  Funny, unique and creative is a small picture of the Dwarf Empire. Located on a beautiful hilltop in Xishan, a mountain on the outskirts of Kunming, capital of Yunnan province of China. Dwarf Empire is the home of people from all corners of the mini china. And a controversial theme park where human mini

Natural scenery in Guilin in China

June 25th 2012 | China
Natural scenery in Guilin located in the Autonomous Region of Guangxi Zhuang Ethnic, Southwest China, sub-tropical climate, with rainy weather was comfortable and adequate. Water temperature evenly throughout the year at the Natural scenery in Guilin less than 19 degrees Selsius. Natural scenery in Guilin has a very well-preserved ecosystem. According to geological research, approximately 300

Changbai mountain tourism,China

June 25th 2012 | China
Changbai mountain tourism is located in the northeastern Jilin Province of China is a mountain of China-North Korea border, once the source of the Tumen River, Yalu River and the Songhua River. Far in 1980, Changbai mountain tourism is famous for its rain forests and endangered animals is now a nature reserve reserve the UN, as well
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