Las Lajas Sanctuary Tourism, Colombia

June 7th 2013 | Colombia
Las Lajas Sanctuary is a very old Church with a lot of history contained here and many relics of the pa in the past and was very popular. It is located in Southern Colombia Narino Department, municipality of Ipiales and not far from the border with Ecuador. The Church was built over the Guaitara wonderful

Tayrona national natural park tourism

November 22nd 2012 | Colombia
Tayrona National Park are forests and beaches on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and it’s supposed to be some kind of magical fairytale places of natural beauty. Tayrona National Park which is located on the Caribbean coast, an hour from Santa Marta and 5 minutes from Cartagena. Swimming pool Beach Tayrona lying far to the

Cano Cristales is a beautiful river

September 23rd 2012 | Colombia
  Cano Cristales is a river of five colors located in the mountains Serrania de la Macarena. Cano Cristales located in remote, isolated not easily accessible by road. Adventurous tourists can now fly into the nearby town of La Macarena. From there it was a short trip into “Serrania de la Macarena,” the national park

Butchart Gardens is a garden flower tourism, colombia

June 28th 2012 | Colombia
Butchart Gardens is the name of a flower garden that is Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada near Victoria and Vancouver Island. Flower garden was mentioned by many as the finest flower gardens in the world. Not much is, because in fact Butchart Gardens does have a very beautiful scenery. Garden named after a pioneer figure

Cartagena is a harbor tourism and monuments

June 20th 2012 | Colombia
Cartagena is a port of the fort and the monument is located in the Bay of Cartagena Darien.di many stolen treasures of India in New Granada is stored before being moved to Spain and became rich here istana.Dan One of the most important ports in Spanish colonial rule in the West Indies, Cartagena is located

Los Katios national park in columbia

June 20th 2012 | Colombia
Los Katios national park are two natural sites added to World Heritage List.Los Katios national park Composed of seven protected areas, many small mangrove islands and coastal lagoons, Belize Barrier Reef System is home to several endangered species, including turtles and crocodiles Amerika.Memperluas more than 72,000 acres in northwestern Colombia, the park consists of two The main