Valalta Beach Tourism, Croatia

January 11th 2015 | Croatia
Valalta Beach is a beautiful beach with a beach very freely and very amazing. This beach is located on the coast of Rovinj, Croatia. This beach is the most popular free beaches in Croatia and other countries. This very exotic beaches along two miles and a full notch resort facility four stars even won an

Lokrum Island Tourism, Croatia

May 26th 2013 | Croatia
Lokrum Island is an island that is very beautiful and there is a wide garden and monastery on the island. The island is located approximately 600 meters from the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It runs from Northwest to Southeast. And about 15 minutes by ferry to reach the island from the city of Dubrovnik and

Krka National Park Tourism, Croatia

May 22nd 2013 | Croatia
Krka National Park is a park that is very popular with a very beautiful natural scenery with waterfalls. It is located in the middle of the Krka River course down in the Centre of Dalmatia and about 10 miles inland from Sibenik. It is named after the river krka with. The Park has an area

Dubrovnik Tourism in Croatia

February 23rd 2013 | Croatia
Dubrovnik is a city with a lot of political history and culture and is famous for the beauty of the city and beaches in the world. This place has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage list. This place has become one of the most attractive and most popular in the Mediterranean. And a city

Brela Tourism, Croatia

February 2nd 2013 | Croatia
Brela is a tourist town located between Biokovo Mountain and the Adriatic Sea in Dalmatia, Croatia Split County. Brela is a tourist town located between Biokovo Mountain and the Adriatic Sea. Brela are known as pearls. The Pearl of the Adriatic or Mediterranean Pearl is the name given to the city of Dubrovnik. In 1968

Istria Tourism in Croatia

January 12th 2013 | Croatia
Istria is the historic town over the centuries with the loop around the beach and white sand and rocks and hills. Istria includes 3222 square kilometers with a 430 km coastline. To the North is bordered by Slovenia and to the East is bounded by the Gulf of Kvarner, the northern part of Istria Peninsula
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