Bibury Tourism, England

January 15th 2013 | England
Bibury is a village which is made with stone and one of the villages are in the UK and the villages itself in flops by the River Coln. Bibury is located on the River Coln, about 6.6 miles northeast of Cirencester. The River Coln flows through this village and sandwiched between the main roads and

Greenwich Tourism in England

December 23rd 2012 | England
Greenwich is one of the most popular venues in London with a beautiful place and very preferred by visitors. Here there is the Thames River is the river that helps Greenwich emerged as one of the major Naval Center in the United Kingdom in the 18th and 19th century and lets this place changed continually.

Portland Bill Tourism in England

December 10th 2012 | England
Portland Bill has three palaces, The oldest is the Palace of Rufus or known as bow and arrow Castle, standing on the edge of a cliff in the Church connect, Cove. Portland Bill was only four and a half miles long and one and three quarters miles wide. For a small island it does have

Cornwall newquay is the best

November 12th 2012 | England
  Cornwall newquay is one of the best places in the United Kingdom for surfing and you will find a surf school in most of the great beaches. This place is famous because of the stunning views-wooded valley view tempting in a spacious and sparkling blue sea views combine with lush views of the varied

Seven Sisters chalk cliffs of the exotic

July 25th 2012 | England
Have you ever gone to England, here are the limestone cliffs which are often called the seven sisters. Seven Sisters is an existing limestone cliffs along the coast are located in East Sussex, between Seaford town of Eastbourne in southern England. The Seven Sisters coastline into one of Britain’s most frequently visited. Seven sisters are

Bagmen where the history of the clock in london

June 21st 2012 | England
Bagmen where the history of the clock in london – Bagmen are a large clock that has a very large size and can be seen clearly from the famous River Thames bagmen will look very beautiful. That is the Palace of Westminster, the residence of the kings and queens. Today the palace is used as
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