Tokoriki Island Resort Tourism, Fiji

December 14th 2013 | Fiji
Tokoriki Island Resort is a resort in a very beautiful island with views of the beach are so amazing and remarkable island. The resort is located in the northern-most island in the Mamanucas group. The island has a very beautiful garden and a beautiful coastline combine to offer a sunset in the South Pacific. The

Turtle Island Tourism, Fiji

November 6th 2013 | Fiji
Turtle Island is an island that is very beautiful with the beauty of the beaches that are so amazing and there are many islands that are very special. The island is very well suited for your summer vacation and make one of the Activities in the South Pacific and the place is very suitable for

Malolo Island Tourism, Fiji

October 4th 2013 | Fiji
Malolo Island is a beautiful island with natural beauty that is perfect and the beaches are pretty amazing. The island is part of the Mamanuca islands of Fiji. It is a very beautiful island, where you can let go of the stress of modern life and sunbathing on the beach with the peace and quiet

Laucala Island Tourism, Fiji

May 15th 2013 | Fiji
Laucala Island is an island that is very beautiful and there are many resorts that surround the beach here with in a very special way. This island is one of three small islands located to the East of Thurston island of Taveuni in Fiji. Laucala Island Resort has about 3,500 acres in the Fiji Islands.

Tavarua Island Tourism, Fiji

January 30th 2013 | Fiji
Tavarua Island is an island with a heart-shaped by a very beautiful beach and stunning sand granules. With The 29-acre private island-shaped has something for everyone. Tavarua Island serves both hard core surfers as well as vacationing families and couples. Do you enjoy and relax under a palapa at the poolside with books to read