Hotel Kakslauttanen Tourism, Finland

January 12th 2014 | Finland
Hotel Kakslauttanen is a hotel that is very unique and has a view of the most extraordinary natural room house Igloo and Eskimo People also has a roof made of glass so that visitors who stay at the hotel can see the northern lights is a very beautiful and also heavy snowfall is truly amazing.

Best 5 Tourist Places For Christmas

December 20th 2013 | Australia, Finland, Japan, Usa
Best 5 Tourist Places for Christmas is an event that is in waiting for the tourists from different countries, because in this Christmas is a pride for all the people and very in love. Below is a suitable place for your Christmas holidays. 1. San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan is a very beautiful island

Ice Swimming Tourism, Finland

January 11th 2013 | Finland
Ice Swimming is swimming pools being frozen and one swimming pool activities during the winter season and is most popular in Finland. There are many places where you can swim without sauna in Finland during the winter and on Ice Swimming. Helsinki has several places for avantouinti, with locker room with sauna. Tampere area has

Helsinki Tourism in Finland

January 4th 2013 | Finland
Helsinki is the capital and largest city in Finland and on tour with the beach is fabulous with a very pure nature. Helsinki is located in southern Finland, in the Gulf Coast of Finland and the Baltic Sea. It was founded as a market town by King Gustav I of Sweden in 1550 as the

Northern Lights Tourism in Finland

December 28th 2012 | Finland
Northern Lights are the phenomenon of light that can be seen in the Polar Regions North and South Finland during the night very dark. Northern Lights light emitted by the light is usually formed at an altitude of about 100 kilometers when electricity particles accelerated by the magnetic field of Earth hit air molecules, which

Santa Claus Village Tourism, Finland

December 9th 2012 | Finland
Santa Claus is a village located in the heart of the Santa Claus village in the Arctic Circle, 10 km north of Rovaniemi and very beautiful. In Northern Finland, in an area called Lapland, is a place where Christmas is celebrated in all red and white glory, by the young and old, all year round.