Hotel Attrap Reves in France

May 30th 2015 | France
Hotel Attrap Reves is a very unique hotel with hotel room design is very unusual. This hotel is located in France. In this hotel you imagine sleeping outside at night under the stars with a very luxurious facilities. Attrap Reves is probably the only hotel in the world that has a glass bubble-shaped, so it

Giverny Monet in France

May 9th 2015 | France
Giverny Monet is a very beautiful garden with the House, which is surrounded by the flowers that are so amazing. This Park has everything you want. The Park was opened on 28 March 2015. If you plan to park it, very well suited at the beginning of the season. At the beginning of the season

Garoupe Beach Tourism, France

May 5th 2015 | France
  Garoupe Beach is a beautiful beach with an awful lot on this beach. It has places for vacations and lots of restaurants here. At this beach you can sunbathing and can play sand. Many visitors who come to this beach. The beach is very well suited for summer vacation. The beach is very well

Notre Dame de Tourism, Paris

April 23rd 2015 | France
Notre Dame de cathedral is an extremely historic Catholic once with a very beautiful river side by side once. This place has amazing views of all. The visitors who come to this place, could walk up the boat to see the river and the view of Paris which is very extraordinary. The Cathedral is widely

Bora Bora Island in France

December 30th 2014 | France
Bora Bora Island is a beautiful island with amazing views of the coast. The island is located about 231 kilometers northwest of Papeete, is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef. Bora Bora is one of the main international tourist destination, famous for luxury resorts. Bora Bora is also part of the Leeward group

Lochnagar Mine in France

November 15th 2014 | France
Lochnagar Mine is a former quarry which is very old and has many historical in this mine. The mine is located beneath the Fortress Germany field known as Schwabenhohe. This hole has a size of about more than 91 meters wide and 31 meters. This hole has a history that is very much at all
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