Magdeburg Water Bridge Tourism, Germany

November 11th 2013 | Germany
Magdeburg water bridge navigation in waterways is Germany which connects the Elbe Canal Canal-Mittelland to the Havel and allows the ship to cross over the river Elbe as high as 914 meters. Magdeburg Water Bridge is the longest navigable waterways in the world. Magdeburg water bridge it denotes reunite the territory of West Germany with

Burg Rheinstein in Germany

June 6th 2013 | Germany
Burg Rheinstein is a very beautiful Castle with a very natural landscapes and there is over the Hill and under there is an extraordinary River. This Fort is located near Trechtingshausen in Rhineland Palatinate, Germany. The Fort was built around the year 1316 to 1317. The Castle was an important place for its strategic location.

Schwerin Castle Tourism, Germany

June 5th 2013 | Germany
Schwerin Castle is a palace which is very beautiful because it is located in the middle of Lake Schwerin extraordinary once with a very special sight. This Palace is located in the city of Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania, Germany. It is very popular with a very special Lake. For centuries it was

Obersee Lake Tourism, Germany

February 4th 2013 | Germany
Obersee Lake is a lake that is the deepest of the three lakes in Germany with dad on tour by very high mountains and stunning. Obersee Lake has area of 470 km² in size and extends over 65 km between Bregenz and Bodman Ludwigshafen. Maximum width is 14 km. called it Lacus Venetus, Roman Lacus

Nuremberg Tourism in Germany

December 24th 2012 | Germany
Nuremberg is the second largest city with 2 million inhabitants with the highest ratings Bavira in between – a decent city in occupied in the world. Nuremberg is located on the River Pegnitz and Rheine Main Donau. Nuremberg airport has flights to major cities of Germany and many European cities. The city is still associated

Konigstein Fortress Tourism in Germany

December 23rd 2012 | Germany
Konigstein Fortress is a very old castle with its tunnels which are very beautiful and enjoy an exceptional panorama. Konigstein Fortress used for various other purposes for centuries, centuries of being everything from a retreat for the army to the hiding place of the Saxon royal family. During World War I and World War II
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