Neuschwanstein castle Tourism in Germany

December 5th 2012 | Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle is a fairy-tale castle of Mad kind of Ludwig the Bavarian and the castle that is often on the visit of tourists to photograph the landscape in Germany. Neuschwanstein Castle is located in the Bavarian Alps. Neuschwanstein Castle is a fortress they flew over the children in the film Chitty Bang. This is

Karwendel Bavaria in Germany

November 30th 2012 | Germany
Karwendel Mountains is a favorite place for all visitors and an awful lot of places – a beautiful place. There are many ski areas in the Karwendel Mountains, about 850 Kilometers of slopes in and around the Karwendel Mountains. You can choose between the familiar and small to large areas with few or Skiing hundreds

Frankfurt is the most beautiful cities in Germany

July 8th 2012 | Germany
Frankfurt is a city in Germany is much visited. Not because of its beauty, but because they want to do business, although in this city there are many beautiful old churches. Typically, for a vacation, people go to Roomerberg, who was on the outskirts of Frankfurt. Roomerberg also called Paulskirche. In this area there are

Aachen Cathedral sights in germany

June 23rd 2012 | Germany
Aachen cathedral is the church a very long time and here many relics of ancient times, Aachen Cathedral is an important historical building for Europeans who gave birth to the Kings in medieval France. Aachen Cathedral was founded by Charlemagne with a lot of architectural heritage in the form of gold adorned the cathedral church.
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