Balos Beach Tourism, Greece

August 7th 2015 | Greece
Balos Beach is a beautiful beach with a view of nature that is very unusual. It has everything you want. This beach is located in eastern Greece. The beach is very well suited to your vacation. This beach is your next trip tourism. You can reach this beach there are two ways. One way to

Paros Island Tourism, Greece

December 16th 2013 | Greece
Paros Island is an island with beautiful beaches that are so amazing and unspoilt nature. The island has the weather is ideal for surfing angina and also already well known around the world. The island is located the island of Greece in the Central Aegean Sea Island of the Cyclades group and one and is

Navagio Bay Tourism, Greece

October 18th 2013 | Greece
Navagio bay is a Bay located on the island of Zakynthos, Greece and has excellent beaches. The location of this beach is quite unique because it is located in the middle of the ocean and hidden behind coral hills enclosing them. The beauty of Navagio bay indeed matchless. Clean white sand and crystal clear blue

Ithaca Tourism, Greece

September 26th 2013 | Greece
Ithaca is a very beautiful island with amazing natural scenery and has a beach that is so amazing. The island is located in the sea of lonia in Greece. The island has a very special season once my father learned here. The island every season has something special to offer. The sea is still in

Kastelorizo Tourism, Greece

September 24th 2013 | Greece
Kastelorizo is a very beautiful city with views of the city and the beach is fabulous. The town is located about 2 kilometers from the southern coast of Turkey and about 570 miles southeast of Athens and about 125 km east of Rhodes. Nearly half-way between Rhodes and Antalya about 280 km to Cyprus. The

Parga Tourism in Greece

July 30th 2013 | Greece
Parga is a picturesque small town that once surrounded with wonderful mountains and the beaches are pretty amazing. The city is located in the western part of the regional unit of Preveza in Epirus, Northwestern Greece. The natural beauty of the city is very in love with travelers, because it has a very cool air
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