Tsim Sha Tsui Tourism, Hong Kong

May 21st 2015 | Hongkong
Tsim Sha Tsui is a metropolitan center in Hong Kong with a lot of places that are very beautiful. This place is an urban area in southern Kowloon, Hong Kong. In this place you can see the picturesque scenery once. In this place of so many wonderful museums. In this place you can see views

Hong Kong Flower Show 2015

February 27th 2015 | Hongkong
Hong Kong Flower Show is an event organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to promote awareness of horticulture and greening. The visitors will be presented the views of the flowers bloom with the look and the colors are so pretty and unique. Every year, this festival provides a good opportunity for hundreds of

Victoria Peak Tourism, Hong Kong

February 6th 2015 | Hongkong
Victoria Peak is the highest mountain in Hong Kong by having a very beautiful peaks with stunning gardens. It offers panoramic city views. Don’t forget to ride the tram, relax in the garden or dine at one of the famous restaurants near its peak. Very good instead of this peak. This place is very crowded

Macau Tourism, Hong Kong

November 24th 2014 | Hongkong
Macau is a city that is very dense with inhabitants and tourists from different countries. It is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China. The city is very corpulent once in places that are very beautiful. The city is very busy and will not sleep. Macau lies on the

Kowloon Tourism in Hong Kong

March 18th 2013 | Hongkong
Kowloon is used as in urban Hong Kong with panoramic views and surrounded by stunning beaches. It is bordered by the Lei Yue Mun Strait in the East, Mei Foo Sun Chuen and Stonecutters Island to the West, the mountains including the Tates Cairn and Lion Rock in the North, and Victoria Harbour in the

Lantau Island Tourism in Hong Kong

January 9th 2013 | Hongkong
Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong with beautiful natural scenery and stunning beaches around the Hall and is located at the mouth of the Pearl River. Lantau Island there is beautiful scenery and historic sites that are really interesting. There is a chain of mountains stretching from higher altitudes in the West
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