Kirkjufell Tourism, Iceland

June 11th 2014 | Iceland
Kirkjufell is an incredible miracle contained in Iceland with a view of the mountains and the northern lights. This place became famous because of the unification of all the natural elements that created the mountain scenery so incredible. Where there are mountains, waterfalls, meadows, and water flows are very beautiful. The beauty of the landscape

Jokulsarlon Tourism, Iceland

November 17th 2013 | Iceland
Jokulsarlon a glacial Lake is very beautiful with a lake view a very overwhelming and also including the largest lake in South-East Iceland. This Lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Iceland. This Lake is one of the deepest lake in Iceland which has approximately 250 meters into. The river rises from

Askja Tourism, Iceland

October 10th 2013 | Iceland
Askja is a very beautiful mountains once contained a lake is amazing with the natural landscape which is very unusual. This mountain appears in the eruption under the ice cap of the glacier age. Askja itself was formed to a large extent at the end of the last ice age at eruption of ash that

Ellidaey Island Tourism, Iceland

June 25th 2013 | Iceland
Ellidaey Island is an island that is so amazing with the shape of the island is a very unique and interesting visitors to see this wonderful island. This island is one of the islands of Westman, located south of Iceland. The island is uninhabited, but in 1953 on the island in the wake of a

Strokkur Tourism, Iceland

May 16th 2013 | Iceland
Strokkur is the fountain of extraordinary beauty with amazing water once. Situated near the river Hvita in Iceland in the West of the country and the East of Reykjavik. This fountain has been the one that was very popular in Iceland and is often called Strokkur Geyser. It was first reported in 1789, after the

Blue Lagoon Tourism in Iceland

March 29th 2013 | Iceland
Blue Lagoon is a very unique Spa baths and one of the most common sights on the visit in Iceland. The Lagoon is located in a lava field of Reykjanes peninsula, Southwest Iceland. The Lagoon is located in a lava field of Reykjanes peninsula, Southwest Iceland. Blaa lonio is located about 13 km from Keflavik
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