Andaman Islands Tourism, India

April 22nd 2016 | India
Andaman Islands is a group of islands located in the South-East of the peninsula of India. Andaman’s name comes from the word Hanuman, which is the word in Malayalam for Hindu deity, Hanuman. Flanked by beaches and tall trees, the island is a beach destination offers a number of attractive beaches. Activities that you can

Harmandir Sahib Tourism, India

June 16th 2015 | India
Harmandir Sahib is a very beautiful temple with views of the Lake next to the shrine. This place is located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. This place is also known as Darbar Sahib or as most tourists call it the “Golden Temple” even though there are two other temples in India which is

Oberoi Hotel Tourism, India

June 6th 2015 | India
Oberoi Hotel is a luxurious hotel with a design that shows the grandeur in the days of Empire. The hotel is very unique and very luxurious. This hotel is located in Udaipu, Rajasthan, India. The hotel features a wealth of heritage of Rajasthan with a large courtyard, fountains, swimming pools and garden extraordinary. It was

Pangong Lake Tourism, India

March 29th 2015 | India
Pangong Lake is a place that suited you to visit to see the natural beauty is without equal. Located in Ladakh, part of your watch & Kashmir, India. Is at the altitude of 4350 meters, this lake stretches about 134 kilometers from India to Tibet. To reach this Lake, You can first leave from over

Ajanta Caves Tourism, India

November 4th 2014 | India
Ajanta Caves is a cave which is very beautiful with an amazing view of the cave and the picturesque waterfall. This cave is located in the Aurangabad District of Maharashtra, India. Particularly remarkable is not the cave. These caves have many spaces are very beautiful. This cave has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since

Jog Falls Tourism, India

October 3rd 2014 | India
Jog Falls is a waterfall that is very beautiful with the natural landscape that still very pristine indeed. This waterfall is located in the Shimoga border and North Kanara, 100 km from Shimoga city. It has a waterfall all natural beauty is here. This is the highest waterfall in India located in the Evergreen forest,
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