Bunaken National Park Tourism, Indonesia

May 10th 2016 | Indonesia
Bunaken National Park is a beautiful park with underwater views that are still very clean. The Park is located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The National Park was established in 1991 and covers an area of 890.65 km2. 97% of the Park is the habitat of the ocean, while the remaining 3% is the Mainland, includes

Marina Beach Tourism, Indonesia

January 12th 2016 | Indonesia
Marina Beach is one of the beaches and tourist spots in Batam. Located in the western part of the island of Batam, Indonesia. The beach includes not only a tourist area, but also a place of the ferry docked. This beach is the most often visited by local and foreign tourists. Located in the western

Bayang Root Bridge Indonesia

September 11th 2015 | Indonesia
Bayang Root Bridge is a bridge composed of interlacing two roots of trees that grow opposite and runs on top of the Trunk stream of the Bayang in the Bayang of the North, South Regency of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The bridge has a length of 25 meters and a width of 1.5 metres with a

Raja Ampat Beach, West Papua

June 25th 2015 | Indonesia
Raja Ampat Beach is a beautiful beach with a view of nature that still very pristine. It is located in Raja ampat Regency Manokwari of West Papua, Indonesia. This area of about 4.5 million hectares and is dominated by the waters around 85%. A small portion of land in the form of another cluster of

Viceroy Hotel Tourism, Bali

June 10th 2015 | Indonesia
Viceroy Hotel is a Hotel with an exquisite haven of natural scenery is fabulous. This hotel is located in the Valley of the Kings, Bali, Indonesia. It is also known by international tourists as one of the world’s tropical and is favored by many people as a place with privacy and comfort. This hotel is

Funtasy Island Tourism, Indonesia

April 27th 2015 | Indonesia
Funtasy Island is a beautiful island with places that are pretty amazing. The island is located in Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia. It will be the world’s largest theme park. The island is close to Universal Studios Singapore and LEGOLAND in Malaysia. This island has the concept and different rides. The island is located 16 Km
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