Amalfi Coast Tourism, Italy

October 20th 2013 | Italy
Amalfi Coast is a beautiful beach with views of the sea, which is fabulous and wonderful town. This beach is located in the Sorrentine peninsula, on the South coast of the province of Salerno in Southern Italy. This beach has a Mediterranean climate, the beach is very well suited for summer and one of the

Lake Garda Tourism, Italy

October 16th 2013 | Italy
Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy is a very beautiful with natural scenery on the Lake and has an area of with installed km². The appeal of this lake is an incredible landscape, surrounded by the vineyards, farms, as well as the hills and mountains make this Lake became a prima donna in

Lake Carezza in Italy

September 27th 2013 | Italy
Lake Carezza is a very beautiful Lake with views of the lake water is shining and it’s amazing. The Lake is located in the Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy. This Lake has a tributary that is not visible and is fed by underground springs and snow melting. This Lake also has a varied scope in

Forte Dei Marmi Tourism, Italy

August 19th 2013 | Italy
Forte Dei Marmi is a city located on the shores of the picturesque coastal scenery is fabulous and marvelous city. The city is located in the province of Lucca, in northern Tuscany, Italy. The town takes its name from the fortress in the middle of the main square and is built under Grand Duke Peter

Tivoli Tourism, Italy

July 21st 2013 | Italy
Tivoli is a very ancient town once and has superb views surrounded by streams and waterfalls. The city is one of the ancient cities in Lazio and about 30 km east of Rome. The town lies on the river Aniene to the East of Rome in the hills of Monti Tiburtini by having fresh climate

Positano Tourism, Italy

July 16th 2013 | Italy
Positano is a small town with beautiful views of the beach and wander around in the mountains can. It is located on top of a hill and down the face of the enclave toward the waters of the Amalfi coast, Campania, Italy. The city is famous for its relatively poor fishermen during the first half
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