Riomaggiore Tourism, Italy

June 23rd 2013 | Italy
Riomaggiore is a small village and is very popular in Italy with views of the beach are very good and many attractions are on offer here. Located in the province of La Spezia, situated in a small valley in the Liguria region of Italy. And this is the first of the Cinque Terre that meet

Verona Tourism in Italy

June 11th 2013 | Italy
Verona is a town which is very popular in Italy with views of the city and the river that surrounds the town is very exceptional. The town is located between Milan and Venice. The town was given as a world heritage site by UNESCO because of the urban structure and architecture that is very unusual.

Perugia Tourism, Italy

June 1st 2013 | Italy
Perugia is a wonderful city with a privileged view of the city and as the capital of the region of Umbria in Central Italy with crossed the Tiber River. The town is located about 150 kilometers from Rome to the South, and 145 kilometers from Florence in the North. It includes a high hilltop and

Villa Ada Tourism, Rome

May 30th 2013 | Italy
Villa Ada is a very beautiful park and the largest park in Rome with amazing lake views. The Park is located in the north-eastern part of the city. Villa Ada is encompassed approximately 460 hectares and is the second largest after the Villa Doria Pamphili. The highest point in the Park is Monte Antenne and

Tropea Tourism, Italy

May 23rd 2013 | Italy
Tropea is a city located on the coast with views of cliffs on the coast are very amazing and vibrant city. It is located in the province of Vibo Valentia, Calabria, in southern Italy. The city is one of the famous is a very beautiful beach. This beach is famous for its beautiful sand and

Sicily Tourism in Italy

May 21st 2013 | Italy
Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with a small islands as well as the autonomous regions of Italy with the very special indeed. It is located in the Centre of the Mediterranean. Stretching from the tip of the peninsula the Apennini is separated by the narrow Strait of Messina, to the coast
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