Tuscany, a cool and natural attractions

August 9th 2012 | Italy
  Tuscany is rich in natural beauty and culinary arts. Tuscany was first inhabited by the Etruscans. Much of our knowledge of their civilization comes from archaeological finds in Tuscany and all over the Apennines in neighboring Emilia-Romagna. The Romans conquered the region in mid-century BC-4, and after the decline and fall of Rome, the

Colosseum Tourism Historical Sights of Rome in Italy

July 5th 2012 | Italy
  Colosseum is one of the historical sites that can be used as a tourist in Italy. If you are a student, you can trace the history of the Coliseum, but if you’re just a tourist, the thirst for history, it’s not unusual when you visit the site at the center of Rome, Italy. Roman

Tower of Pisa The World Tourism Most beautiful places in Italy

July 1st 2012 | Italy
Tower of Pisa is one of the wonders of the world are very unique. Why unique? Why is the tower of Pisa has a slope that rises every year. Leaning  is not a deliberate act. At first, the building was constructed in a vertical position, but due to internal and external factors such as the
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