The Caves Hotel in Jamaica

June 1st 2015 | Jamaica
The Caves Hotel is a luxury hotel was once located in the coastline and cliffs. The hotel has fully equipped facilities and very comfortable. The hotel has wonderful views. The hotel is 7 km from the beaches of Negril, Jamaica. This hotel evokes the exoticism of unexplored and offers comfort to live along with some

Negril Tourism in Jamaica

February 12th 2013 | Jamaica
Negril is a city surrounded by entertainment venues are very popular once here with surrounded by amazing beaches. A town located across parts of two parishes of Jamaica, Westmoreland and Hanover. Negril is as the location of resort began during the 1950s, although access to the city is difficult, forcing them to Wade to shore.

Ocho Rios Tourism in Jamaica

January 16th 2013 | Jamaica
Ocho Rios is a town in the parish of Saint in the North coast of Jamaica with by beautiful beaches and rivers. This place was once a fishing village but now has become tourist attractions. Ocho Rios is also famous for the Fern gullies, Rocky Gorge of remarkable depth and about four miles from the

Montego Bay is exciting vacation spot

August 8th 2012 | Jamaica
Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second city in size and importance, but the tourism capital of the island and arguably one of the major Caribbean tourist destination. Beautiful seaside city has long been the playground of the world’s rich and famous. Easily accessible, Montego Bay offers first-class international airport and modern port was visited by many