Fukuroda Falls Tourism, Japan

January 7th 2013 | Japan
Fukuroda Falls is the largest waterfall in Japan and also in select as the best waterfall in 1992 with stunning natural beauty. Fukuroda Falls is located about 45 km north of the city in the city of Mito and Daigo. This is a large waterfall. There are a lot of hot water around this waterfall

Tunnel of Light Tourism in Japan

December 16th 2012 | Japan
Tunnel of Light is a very amazing tunnel allows the citizens of Japan and visitors the opportunity to experience the tranquility of the garden Kingdom. Tunnel of Light is located on the island of Nagashima; the tunnel of lights gave Japan the residents and visitors of the garden which features the look of winter. The

Kyoto Tourism in Japan

December 7th 2012 | Japan
Kyoto is Japan’s traditional culture and shed the stage where a lot of the history of Japan played and finds your imagination. The lodges a poet hidden amidst the bamboo groves, arcade vermilion Temple Gate, geisha disappeared into the door of the temple are a traditional restaurant, gold floating above the calm waters. Indeed, most

Mount Fuji where tourism, japan

July 27th 2012 | Japan
  Have you ever heard tengtang fuji mountain, Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and very beautiful. Mount Fuji lies between Shizuoka and Yamanashi Ken Ken precisely located to the west of Tokyo. Mount Fuji and is surrounded by three cities, namely: Fuji Yoshida north, east and Gotemba nomia Fuji to the west.

Sagano bamboo forest is beautiful whistling

July 18th 2012 | Japan
One more beauty in the land of rising sun, although the country is known as the land of cherry densely populated city, but it was still a lot also a very quiet place with a natural ambience that makes the heart and secure comfort. It feels very fitting to eliminate all stress fatigue in the

Ashikaga flower park awesome

July 16th 2012 | Japan
  Did you know flowers like sakura is Japanese society besides wisteria. To enjoy this wisteria flowers you can visit the Ashikaga flower park. Ashikaga flower park is the a favorite place citizens of japan enjoy the flower dangling this. Contained in Tochigi prefecture, or province, Ashikaga city, the popularity of  Ashikaga flower park is
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