Expanse of cherry blossoms in Japan

July 5th 2012 | Japan
  See the cherry blossoms season in Japan is one of the most in the event awaited by the people of Japan. When the season arrives they will gather with family, friends, and co-workers for a picnic in the park while looking at the beautiful flowers that Sakura is also a hallmark of the country.

Okinawa where the Japanese tourism

June 22nd 2012 | Japan
Okinawa is wrought for the purpose of travel and the best diving in Japan,  also known as a place to enjoy water sports. Divers and swimmers various apesies reefs, among them five species of sea turtles, various species of tropical fish, other than stingrays, hammerhead sharks and whale sharks. Surfing is another activity that famous

Yokohama Japanese tourist

June 22nd 2012 | Japan
Yokohama is the city sights in japan is very interesting and beautiful, because here there are many places for you and your family vacation. yokohama located south of Tokyo and on the mainland island of Honshu. Yokohama is a major commercial center of the Kingdom of Tokyo. Originally started as a fishing village that opened
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