Sala Phae, Laos

October 31st 2014 | Laos
Sala Phae is a very romantic hotel with views of extraordinary natural beauty. This Hotel is located in the enormous and very comfortable. The hotel offers 2-star hotel service. The all customers who want to come to the hotel, this hotel is very convenient and very unusual. Here tourists can also visit the Champasak cultural

Buddha Park Vientiane in Laos

November 24th 2012 | Laos
Buddha Park is reputed to be the most unique parks in all of Laos, Buddha Park also known as Wat Xieng Khuan. The creation of the Buddha Park is Luang Soulilat Bounlua Pou, a shaman who claimed to have been a disciple of the Hindu holy man in Viet Nam and integrated Hinduism with Buddhism.