Maldives Beach Tourism

June 28th 2015 | Maldives
Maldives Beach is a beautiful beach with views of the beach are very unusual. This beach has a lot of places that are very beautiful. The islands of Maldives is located about 600 kilometers south west of India and 700 kilometers south west of Sri Lanka. Officially Republic of Maldives the Maldives and an island

Sun Island Beach in Maldives

July 2nd 2014 | Maldives
Sun Island beach is a pristine beach with white sand and coral beauty that is so enchanting. Attractions in Maldives is indeed undeniable beauty. In addition to having many historic sights and culinary, Maldives also have resorts and beaches are also amazing. One place that offers natural attractions are Sun Island beach. The beauty of

Maldives Island Tourism in Maldives

May 19th 2013 | Maldives
Maldives Island is a beautiful island with many resort-resort listed here and the beach is fabulous. The island is located in the Indian Ocean that consists of twenty-six Atolls, oriented North and South, between the Minicoy Island of Lakshadweep, or southern India and Islands of the Chagos Archipelago. Laccadive Sea Resort stands, about 700 kilometers