Hurghada tourism spot

June 26th 2012 | Mesir
Hurghada tourism spot is a city in Egypt which is located in the Red Sea and is famous for its beautiful beaches with white sand. Hurghada tourism spot also offers tourist attractions are well-supported facilities. In Hurghada there are plenty of resorts, hotels and inns. Coral reefs of Hurghada beach are considered the most beautiful in the

Luxor is the ancient city,mesir

June 26th 2012 | Mesir
Luxor is the ancient city (Thebes city) is a beautiful city that is dedicated to the god Amonr, and since tourism is known in the world, the city is already crowded by tourists, many tourists at the Roman and Greek times to visit this city. Luxor is the ancient city is the most popular cities in Egypt.

Alexandria city exotic and history

June 26th 2012 | Mesir
Alexandria city exotic and history is the second largest city in Egypt and one of the most famous cities in the world. In Alexandria there is a sphinx, and ancient Roman theater. The Great Lighthouse included in the 7 Wonders of the World. Many tourists are attracted to visit Alexandria as a very beautiful place.
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