Socotra Island in Republic of Yemen

January 5th 2014 | Middle east
Socotra Island is a small island of the four islands in the Indian Ocean with panoramic views of the island are very amazing and very solid foundation of all. The island is very isolated and one-third of the plant life found nowhere else on the planet. So the Socotra as most foreign place on this

Petra Tourism, Jordan

September 25th 2013 | Middle east
Petra is a very magical city once the wonder of the world because it has a very great deal and the beauty of the city. The city became one of the greatest miracle ever. The city is famous for its exquisite stone carvings. Petra is one of the wonders of the world and without a

Wadi Mujib Tourism, Jordan

June 14th 2013 | Middle east
Wadi Mujib is a wonderful gorge with views of the stunning canyons in Jordan. Nestled in the mountains just east of the Dead Sea and about 93 km south of Amman. The Gorge is entering the Dead Sea at 418 meters below sea level. Mujib reserve is the lowest nature reserve in the world. Created

The Pearl is an artificial island in Qatar

July 5th 2012 | Middle east
  The Pearl is an artificial island that stretches along 988 acres located in Doha, Qatar. Oil producing countries in the Middle East region as a race the race to make the concept of the future to attract tourists to come, one of which is Qatar. In the city of Doha, the State is also