Cook Islands tourism wild

November 17th 2012 | New Zealand
Cook Islands are a stunning necklace of islands in the Sun and the jewel in the Crown of South Pacific island groups. Culture, traditions, arts and crafts are different from all others in the Pacific. Cook Islands there are activities include swimming in the beautiful clear water, snorkeling and diving, surfing and exploring the nature

South Island tourism in New Zealand

November 16th 2012 | New Zealand
The South Island of New Zealand, also known by the Maoris as Te Wai Pounamu or Greenstone Water, was the site of spectacular views. The South Island is the largest of all the Islands, but has about half the population of the North Island. New Zealand is the undisputed Centre for adventure tourism and the

Waitomo glowworm caves is beautiful

November 10th 2012 | New Zealand
Waitomo Glowworm Caves are caves which have very long at all and very special. For more than 110 years the Waitomo Glowworm Caves have attracted millions of people from all over the world. A small glowing insects no bigger than an average mosquito has fascinated and attracted people from all walks of life in Caves

Queenstown is a town and lake are special

July 21st 2012 | New Zealand
  Queenstown is one of the main objectives of New Zealand visitors and if you come to this area you will understand why. The city is situated on the shores of crystal clear Lake Wakatipu in the range dramatically. Beauty that can make your heart beat waiting in Queenstown. Mountain resort on Lake Wakatipu began

Lake Taupo is best suited for a holiday in New Zealand

June 24th 2012 | New Zealand
Lake Taupo is the largest freshwater lakes throughout Oceania, It is a crater lake located in the North Island, about 40 km from Mount Ruapehu. Lake Taupo occupies an area of 616 kilo meters. The maximum length of the lake is 46 kilo meters and maximum width is 33 kilo meters. The average depth is

Rotorua tourist attractions in New Zealand

June 23rd 2012 | New Zealand
Rotorua is one place where the turbulent forces that created New Zealand’s most obvious. The city, in the Volcanic Plateau, has one of the areas of the world’s most colorful geothermal activity. Skyrocketing geysers, hot springs and boiling mud pools all tell you that this place sits right on the Pacific Rim of Fire. Rotorua
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