Reine Tourism, Norway

November 27th 2013 | Norway
Reine is a very beautiful village with views of the sea water is amazing and one of the fishing village which is very unusual. The village is located on the island of Moskenesoya in Northern Norway and Lofoten Islands about 300 kilometers southwest of the city of Tromso. The village of Reine is a favorite

Tromso Tourism, Norway

August 24th 2013 | Norway
Tromso is a town and the seventh largest in Norway with a very beautiful view of the city and surrounded the beach is fabulous. It is one of the central municipal administration and city itself. City of Tromso is the ninth largest urban area in Norway by population and second largest cities and urban areas

Mabodalen in Norway

May 3rd 2013 | Norway
Mabodalen is a valley that is fabulous with surrounded by waterfalls and incredible landscapes. The Valley is located in southern and Western Norway around 200 Kilometers was Oslo. The Valley contains one of the most famous waterfall in the country, Mabodalen is the home of many of the most famous waterfalls in Norway. The road

Preikestolen Tourism, Norway

April 12th 2013 | Norway
Preikestolen is a very beautiful cliff with stunning views over the cliff. This place is the most famous tourist attractions in Norway. The cliff is approximately 610 meters above Lysefjorden, opposite the kjerag plateau, in Forsand, ryfylke, Norway. The cliff is flat so that the tourists who come here can see the scenery. By 2013,

Sognefjord Tourism in Norway

March 12th 2013 | Norway
Sognefjord is the very deepest lake and also the largest fjord in Norway, and also the world’s longest, which is pretty amazing. Located in Sogn OG Fjordane county, stretches about 210 km inland to the small village of Skjolden. The Fjord takes its name from the traditional district of Sogn. Fjords are a UNESCO World