Mohenjo Daro Tourism, Pakistan

May 28th 2015 | Pakistan
Mohenjo Daro is an archaeological site that is a long time ago and have been found again. This site was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980. The site is located on the right bank of the Indus River, the province of Sindh, Pakistan. This place also has a very beautiful view of

Gilgit Baltistan Tourism, Pakistan

October 7th 2013 | Pakistan
Gilgit Baltistan is a very beautiful city with unspool natural landscape once and has a very high mountains once and in like tourists. The place was formerly known as the Northern Areas is the northern region of Pakistan. Adjoining the territory of Azad Kashmir in the South of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Western Afghanistan’s Wakhan

Satpara Lake in Pakistan

March 19th 2013 | Pakistan
Satpara Lake is a picturesque lake with beautiful views and is perfect for trout fishing. The Lake is located at an altitude of 2,686 meters above sea level and is approximately 2.7 km2. And it is one of the most picturesque lakes in Pakistan. In 2003, Satpara Lake being built downstream of the Lake and,

Shah Faisal Mosque Tourism, Pakistan

February 22nd 2013 | Pakistan
Shah Faisal Mosque is the largest mosque in Pakistan with the luxuries and with a very amazing design and surrounded by gardens in the vicinity. Located in the national capital city in Islamabad. The construction of the mosque started in 1976 by Pakistan’s national construction, led by Azim Khan and financed by the Government of

Indus River Tourism, Pakistan

February 2nd 2013 | Pakistan
The Indus River is the main river flows through Pakistan and is the most beautiful river and one of the products of water here. The Indus River covers about 200,000 square miles (518,000 square kilometers), with a gentle slope from the Himalayas in the North to piedmont to the Arabian Sea in the South. The

Shalimar Garden Tourism, Pakistan

January 13th 2013 | Pakistan
Shalimar Garden is a garden that is most popular for locals and tourists with the beauty of flowers. Shalimar Garden is located in Lahre and UNESCO World Heritage site known as his performance in an attractive and well preserved that attract tourists far and near. And built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in Lahore, construction
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