Cebu Island Tourism in Philippines

January 4th 2013 | Philippines
Cebu Island is an island surrounded by 167 smaller islands with stunning views and full of history. Cebu Island is located to the East of Negros Island East is Leyte and to the southeast of the island of Bohol. Surrounded on both sides by Cebu Strait between Cebu and Bohol and Tanon Strait between Cebu

Amanpulo Tourism in Philippines

December 3rd 2012 | Philippines
Amanpulo is a place of peace and offers pure white sand, blue sea and blue sky endless which is famous for the Philippine Islands. Located on a private island in the Quiniluban group of Islands in the Philippines, Cuyo Amanpulo (island of peace) is surrounded by white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise water and coral reefs

Banaue Rice Terraces a beautiful place

September 10th 2012 | Philippines
Banaue Rice Terraces is a very ancient and very spacious. Banaue Rice Terraces have been in say the 8th wonder of the world. Banaue was built 2,000 years ago on the slopes of the towering mountains of Northern Luzon, Philippines by human hands bare. If the end point to end, it would extend more than

Chocolate Hills is a beautiful natural beauty

July 23rd 2012 | Philippines
  Have you ever heard the word Chocolate Hills, Chocolate Hills is an expression of natural beauty that is very beautiful. About two million years ago, most of the island of Bohol was under water, under a shallow sea. Coral reefs thrive and extensively covered the seafloor. Over time during the stormy days of coral

Taal volcano tourism spot

June 27th 2012 | Philippines
Taal volcano tourism spot is on an island in Lake Taal, sitting in an ancient caldera. Located in Tagaytay trip is about 2 hours, 70 km south of Manila, is suitable for day trips and overnighters. Inside the main caldera, the volcanic island, there is another lake, called “Crater Lake.” Highly sulfuric lake may have medicinal
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