Bucharest Tourism in Romania

June 2nd 2013 | Romania
Bucharest is a wonderful city with a very special view of the city and tour the river is fabulous. It is located at on the banks of the river Dambovița, over 70 kilometers north of the Danube. The city is also the largest city in Romania. In the city’s economy is the most prosperous in

Bigar waterfall Tourism, Romania

April 30th 2013 | Romania
Bigar waterfall is a waterfall that is very beautiful with green moss on the tour by a very wonderful and under there is the Mini. This waterfall is located in the Caraș county western part of Severin Romania. Bigar waterfall or as the locals call it the miracle of Canyon minis and Coronini which is

Peles Castle Tourism, Romania

April 29th 2013 | Romania
Peles Castle is a Palace in Neo Renaissance is very beautiful with a very imposing building and incredible strength. The castle is located in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County, Romania. In 1873 and 1914 in rise roadway to relates Transylvania and Wallachia. Peles Castle built by King Charles I of Romania, in

Bicaz Tourism, Romania

March 4th 2013 | Romania
Bicaz is a very beautiful city with surrounded by lakes and many more mountains and a lot of history that’s here is pretty amazing in Neamţ County, Romania. Located in Eastern Carpathian Mountains near this city and Bistriţa Rivers and near the Lake, an artificial lake formed by a dam on the Bistriţa. This city

Sighisoara Tourism in Romania

January 30th 2013 | Romania
Sighisoara is a beautiful city with extraordinary craft and by the River tarnava mare in the province of Mures, Romania. On the 14th and 15th century, economic growth Sighisoara and merchants ensured financial means for the construction of a powerful defense system there are 14 towers and with a gun pointed to the four Cardinal

Barsana Tourism, Romania

January 14th 2013 | Romania
Barsana is a village in Maramures and one church made of wood with a beautiful by ancient sites. The monastery of Barsana is complex with sixteen nuns. Barsana is created in 1989 by the site of an abandoned Church in 1791; this village has become a tourist attraction of significant cultural and religious. The Church
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