National Gallery Tourism, Singapore

May 1st 2015 | Singapore
National Gallery is a museum art gallery which is very beautiful with a very remarkable design. The Museum is located in the Downtown Core, Singapore. This art gallery showing, promoting and researching the works of art relating to Asian and international context and international art exhibitions. The Museum will have the world’s largest collection of

Christmas on A Great Street in Singapore

December 11th 2014 | Singapore
Christmas on A Great Street is a place that was very special at all and so a lot of tourists from all over the world. This place is very suitable for. In this place there is a place that is crowded all. The tourists here can shopping and a lot of discount. If you fill

Chinatown Tourism, Singapore

January 24th 2014 | Singapore
Chinatown is an ethnic place once with displays of cultural elements of the Chinese new year are very unusual indeed. Chinese New Year 2014 is in waiting for by all Chinese people. The residents in the area of Chinatown was certainly preparing for the Chinese new year, with all the preparations that are ripe for

Marina Bay Tourism in Singapore

December 28th 2012 | Singapore
Marina Bay is the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore with beautiful scenery and delicious atmosphere around the Hall. Marina Bay is located in the southern part of Singapore, as a major business and financial center of Asia; the Marina offers a variety of office buildings. In addition, waterfront parks and many events and celebrations

Fountain of Wealth exciting sights

September 14th 2012 | Singapore
  Fountain of Wealth is a very beautiful city and a tourist destination in the world. Fountain of Wealth was built in 1995, together – together with the main Suntec City development. Ring bronze fountain designed by Hindu Mandala, which means the universe and is a symbolic representation of the oneness in spirit and unity and

sentosa island is a paradise for holiday

July 31st 2012 | Singapore
  Sentosa island is very beautiful sights danpantai once very beautiful. Sentosa island is only 15 minutes from downtown. Sentosa island is also a world class tourist attractions. On the island of Sentosa, there are endless activities to indulge your every interest. Our biggest attraction, Imbiah Lookout offers something for everyone; thrill seekers can take
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