Predjama Castle Tourism, Slovenia

April 20th 2013 | Slovenia
  Predjama Castle is a fortress which is fabulous because it lies at the mouth of the cave with beautiful views. Located approximately 11 kilometers from Postojna, in Southern Slovenia. It was very unusual and very unique because each of you see it would be so amazing. And more than 700 years, the castle is

Bled Lake Tourism in Slovenia

December 9th 2012 | Slovenia
Bled Lake is the ideal place to explore Slovenia is rich of nature and cultural heritage in rural areas and the activities offered. Bled Lake is very enchanting and mysterious ancient cliff top fortress transformed into a winter wonderland when it was decorated by a covering of snow with the scent of roasted chestnuts drifting through the

Soca River Tourism in Slovenia

December 4th 2012 | Slovenia
Soca River is a major river which we guide in Slovenia and most of the fishermen are fascinated when they see the color of the freestone. Soca River is full of Trout; Grayling dismisses European marble and Trophy Rainbow Trout that grow up to 30 inches long. The waters of the creeks Soca translate into

Skocjan cave is very beautiful place in the world

July 25th 2012 | Slovenia
Have you ever been to Slovenia holidays, here are the most amazing cave that is Skocjan Cave, Skocjan cave is a very beautiful cave in around the scenery is very nice. Skocjan cave have been included in the UNESCO list of natural and cultural heritage sites in 1986, and in 1999 included in the Ramsar List