Zmutt in Zwitserland Tourism

July 10th 2015 | Switzerland
Zmutt is a small village in the municipality of Zermatt, Valais, Switzerland and precisely located at 1936 m in the Valley of Zmuttal West of Zermatt. It is a special and extraordinary beautiful scenery because the place is surrounded by the mountain Matterhorn, valleys and waterfalls as well. Views that will make you happy to

Iglu Dorf in Switzerland

June 4th 2015 | Switzerland
Iglu Dorf is a very unique hotel with wonderful style and made of Snow Crystals. This hotel is located in Zermatt, Switzerland. It features the most innovative hotel design at this point. This hotel is the preferred the visitors who come to this place. It is made of snow crystals that sparkle that rebuilds every

Landwasser Viaduct Tourism, Switzerland

July 6th 2014 | Switzerland
Landwasser Viaduct is a road train is very good once with a very amazing natural scenery. This place has a lot of very long tunnels and has a beautiful natural landscape once. These places include the river Landwasser between Schmitten and Filisur, Graubunden, for the region in Switzerland. This development in 1901 to 1902 and

Heli Boarding Tourism, Switzerland

January 14th 2014 | Switzerland
Heli Boarding is very well suited to Skiing Heli with stunning views over the mountains. This Ski is essentially about Skiing in nature, although a very important vote environment, such as hiking to areas as in ski touring or ski Mountaineering. Heli skiing in Switzerland operates every day if the weather permits from December to

Zermatt Tourism, Switzerland

October 29th 2013 | Switzerland
Zermatt is a village which is very beautiful because it has the mountains and ski resorts in the Alps, Switzerland. The village is located at the end of Mattertal and has an altitude of about 1,630 yards and at the foot of the highest peak in Switzerland. And about 10 kilometers from the taller 3,

Bern Tourism in Switzerland

July 22nd 2013 | Switzerland
Bern is a very old city with has a very amazing and surrounded the river. In this city there is a very remarkable hills with a very steep bank of the river. In view of this very beautiful city once with a very clean city and the river is very clear. In 1983 the city
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