Ebenalp Tourism, Switzerland

July 15th 2013 | Switzerland
Ebenalp is an Appenzell Alps with picturesque scenery and numerous caves. The mountain is a popular hiking destination and is accessible by cable car from Wasserauen, the cable car has been there in 1955. From the plateau of the cable car station visitors can see views of the rolling hills of Appenzell. Skip the line

Geneva Tourism in Switzerland

July 9th 2013 | Switzerland
Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland is located at the edge of the Lake was amazing with views of the Lake and city. Is the Rhone and the capital of the republic and the city itself? Geneva is a city that has the highest number of international organizations in the world. It

Lavaux Tourism, Switzerland

June 11th 2013 | Switzerland
Lavaux vineyard is an extraordinary wine with very much and the rapid and terraced with natural scenery is fabulous. The garden consists of 830 hectares with terraced vineyards stretching about 30 km along the North Bank of South-facing Lake Geneva is very exceptional. For wine enthusiasts with a view of the vineyard and provides a

St Beatus Caves Tourism, Switzerland

April 29th 2013 | Switzerland
St Beatus Caves are caves which is very beautiful with the tour by a waterfall that is fabulous and here is also the monastery which many tourists visit. The cave is situated in Switzerland near the village of Beatenberg and above Lake Thun is very good indeed. This cave is amazing, because the cave on

Lauterbrunnen Valley Tourism, Switzerland

April 21st 2013 | Switzerland
Lauterbrunnen Valley is the perfect place once because of the natural beauty of the most extraordinary and spectacular waterfalls. The Valley comprises the villages Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Murren, Gimmelwald, Stechelberg and Isenfluh. Residents of the village of Lauterbrunnen is the corner with Wengen, but greater than the other and very beautiful. In this valley there were

Lake Lucerne Tourism in Switzerland

February 25th 2013 | Switzerland
Lake Lucerne is a picturesque lake with panoramic views of nature that is natural and is also the fourth largest lake in the country. This Lake has a very complicated shape and distinctive, with bending and reaching from the city of Lake Lucerne into the mountains arms. Have a total area of 118 square kilometers (44 sq.
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