Taroko National Park Tourism, Taiwan

April 3rd 2016 | Taiwan
Taroko National Park is one of a very beautiful garden with views of the wonderful nature. the Park is one of the nine national parks in Taiwan and named Resort and Lagoon Gorge. The Park is built on 28 November 1986. The Park has places that are very beautiful and very comfortable. The Park includes

National Palace Museum Tourism, Taiwan

August 24th 2015 | Taiwan
National Palace Museum is a museum that was once very beautiful with many historical relics. The Museum is located in Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan. The Museum has many great collections of old. most of the collections are high quality pieces collected by Emperors in ancient China. The Museum was very well suited to next trip tourism.

Eternal Spring Shrine in Taiwan

May 25th 2014 | Taiwan
The Eternal Spring Shrine is a very beautiful temple with surrounded by very high mountains and waterfalls are very amazing. The temple is often called the Changchun shrine is. This temple is a complex of Taroko National Park in Taiwan Hualian County, near the town of Xiulin. This temple is located on top of the

Shifen Waterfall Tourism, Taiwan

October 2nd 2013 | Taiwan
Shifen Waterfall is a waterfall that is very beautiful with the natural landscape is a very amazing and stunning beauty of the Keelung River. This waterfall is located in Pingxi, Taiwan and Keelung River upstream. In the bottom of the waterfall, there is a large pond. On sunny days the fog dazzling Rainbow in sky

Taroko tunnel is where the holiday

June 21st 2012 | Taiwan
Taroko tunnel is the most visited places in Taiwan after Taipei, Taroko Tunnel where the national park centered on the valley along the 20 kilometers. Throughout the journey you will be on show to the valley is composed of marble and granite rocks, with a gap that in many cases, several waterfalls, mountains and some