River Kwai Jungle Rafts Floatel, Thailand

August 20th 2014 | Thailand
River Kwai Jungle Rafts is a hotel that floats on the River Kwai is a very amazing and has a very outstanding. It floats from 1976 on the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi. The Hotel has a very convenient location and very comfortable once for your vacation. This hotel is very popular with all the tourists that

Bangkok Tourism in Thailand

June 18th 2014 | Thailand
Bangkok is a city that is very beautiful with a very amazing and crystal clear sea. The city is the center of Thailand’s political stage the struggle throughout the twentieth century and as an absolute monarchy by adopting State constitutional rule and leading various coup and rebellion. It occupies about 1, 568.8 square kilometers in

Hua Hin Tourism in Thailand

May 17th 2014 | Thailand
Hua Hin is a very special city with amazing views of the coast and the resort very much. The city is located in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula, about 201 km south of Bangkok. The town is a pleasant place for recreation and vacation beach as well as some means of places for

Chiang Mai Tourism in Thailand

March 2nd 2014 | Thailand
Chiang Mai is a city which is very beautiful and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Northern Thailand. The city is very modern, and many visitors came to the town and nearly about 5.5 million visitors per year. The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and make popular

Patong Beach Resort in Thailand

February 15th 2014 | Thailand
Patong Beach is a beautiful beach with views of the beach with a city that is on the edge of town that is fabulous. The beach is also very popular with the very famous resort in Phuket. This beach is located in the West of the city of Phuket that was very unusual. This beach

Khao Lak Tourism, Thailand

November 22nd 2013 | Thailand
Khao Lak is a very beautiful village surrounded once with a very stunning beaches and small islands which is fabulous. This place is very popular for tourist beaches are absolutely amazing especially in the Takua Pa and partially in the District of Muang Thai province of Phang Nga, Thailand. From Phuket Island about 60 miles
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