Lion Slide Falls in USA

September 5th 2015 | Usa
Lion Slide Falls is a waterfall that is very well suited for swimming and jumping on top of a cliff. This waterfall is located in the North East of the city of Redding Sacramento Valley of Northern California, USA. Water terjin water has a very clear and very fresh. The waterfall is about 13 meters.

Laguna Beach Pool in California

August 19th 2015 | Usa
Laguna Beach Pool is a swimming pool located at the edge of a cliff which is very unusual. This place is located in Orange County, California, USA. This pool will happen if sea water more pairs. This place is very charming and very spectacular. This place is quite remarkable. Here you can also enjoy the

Grand Prismatic Spring in USA

August 5th 2015 | Usa
Grand Prismatic Spring is a hot spring which is fabulous with a colorful Rainbow-like water that is so beautiful and very unusual. This water has a color like the Rainbow, red, Orange, yellow, green and blue. The core of bright blue, like the deep sea. The outside is colored green and yellow. While the sides

Jade Mountain Resort Tourism, St Lucia

June 13th 2015 | Usa
Jade MountainResort is a luxury hotel with a very amazing natural scenery. The hotel is located on the island of St. Lucia, Caribbean. The hotel was designed by Nick Troubetzkoy and rated as the world’s most beautiful natural reservation. The hotel has all you want in it. This hotel is very complete and very special.

Epcot Tourism, Florida

April 21st 2015 | Usa
Epcot is a theme park that is very amazing with wonderful views. This is a theme park at Walt Disney World in Florida Bay, Lake, near the city of Orlando. The Park has attractions that are very unusual. The Park was opened on October 1, 1982. The attraction of the Park is a Geodesic sphere.

Disney California Adventure Tourism

April 14th 2015 | Usa
Disney California Adventure is an amusement park that is very beautiful with lots of very unique place. This amusement park has many places for you to enjoy. The Park is located in Anaheim, California. The Park was built in 1998 and was completed in 2001 and at the same time the Park was open. The
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