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Northern Lights Tourism in Finland

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Northern Lights Camping

Northern Lights are the phenomenon of light that can be seen in the Polar Regions North and South Finland during the night very dark. Northern Lights light emitted by the light is usually formed at an altitude of about 100 kilometers when electricity particles accelerated by the magnetic field of Earth hit air molecules, which then disperse the most energy that has accumulated in the form of light which light. Northern Lights are usually formed at an altitude of about 100 kilometers. Shapes and colors changed dramatically. This light can be seen as light travels East West arcs, or as the rays or shapes move and throbbing. The most common color is light red and greenish-yellow. Some people who watch light bulbs make their voices swore shine and until recently. The light is produced by the oxygen in the atmosphere, while the blue and purple lights made by nitrogen. Charged particles, Northern coming from the Sun, from which they are thrown into space by the solar wind, is called at a speed of up to thousands of kilometers per hour.

Northern Lights in Finland

If you come to Lapland to admire the Northern Lights, you have to book at least one week if you want to make sure to see the spectacular lights. Light can provide light as much as the rays of the moon. Finland is a land of fascinating contrasts, such as the four seasons, the midnight sun and the darkness of winter, urban and rural, East and West. According to the beliefs of the orang original villages here, people who once the Northern Lights can live happily ever after. The average Northern Lights might see other each night, mostly in the month of September, October and February to March. As you can see from the aircraft, and the first impression you might have is that there are a lot of trees. With a lot of small towns and lakes. It was kind of a surprise when you come here that it is truly amazing how exotic unique each season can change four times a year, the nature of the changes completely uniform color, light, temperature, sound and smell. Everything changes in a way that happens elsewhere. Finland also considered calmly and subdued. However, they are the ones who are really warm, friendly and honest, especially once you get to know them and very pleasant.

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