Ocho Rios Tourism in Jamaica

Wednesday, January 16th 2013. | Jamaica

Ocho Rios Falls Ocho Rios Tourism in Jamaica

Ocho Rios is a town in the parish of Saint in the North coast of Jamaica with by beautiful beaches and rivers. This place was once a fishing village but now has become tourist attractions. Ocho Rios is also famous for the Fern gullies, Rocky Gorge of remarkable depth and about four miles from the coast of Ocho Rios to the mountainous area in the middle of the island. This place is still worth a visit to see the abundance of tropical fern over 500 species and varieties of foliage and can be found in the tropical rain forest. In the deepest part of the Canyon, there is only the rays of the sun broke through the thick foliage and the temperature was about ten degrees cooler. In the last 20 years, Rios has evolved from a small fishing village to a thriving tourist destination. The beach, hundreds of hectares of new land, to the South and Hotels, apartment blocks, shopping centers and marina added to hotels such as the Jamaica and Shaw Park. The appeal is a very beautiful Eden Falls and the beautiful white sand beaches on the edge of water throughout the city. The name of Rios, which literally translated from the language of Spain, means “eight rivers” and the waterfall, because waterfall is probably the most striking feature of this region.

Ocho Rios Beach Ocho Rios Tourism in Jamaica

St. Ann parish on the North Coast, known as the “Garden parish” because of the lush beauty of the colorful foliage. The capital of the parish is St. Ann’s Bay. However the development of vacation fun in the parish has been based in the seaside town of Ocho Rios. Jamaica is famous for its unique attractions to enjoy. The town has restaurants, nightclubs in Margaretville and Dolphin Cove, where tourists can swim and interact with dolphins and basking on the beach. In Ocho Rios tourists and residents can visit the Columbus Park. Every day, Ocho Rios has attracted tourists from various countries to the streets here and enjoys the view. The air in this place is very cool and beautiful beaches and teases your heart.

Ocho Rios Wallpaper Ocho Rios Tourism in Jamaica

Ocho Rios Wallpaper HD Ocho Rios Tourism in Jamaica

Ocho Rios River Ocho Rios Tourism in Jamaica

Ocho Rios Hotel Ocho Rios Tourism in Jamaica

Ocho Rios Dlophins Ocho Rios Tourism in Jamaica

Ocho Rios City Ocho Rios Tourism in Jamaica

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