Ushuaia Tourism, Argentina

March 10th 2016 | Argentina
Ushuaia is a very beautiful sea view that is very unusual. the city is located in a wide Bay on the southern coast of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, bounded on the North by the martial mountain range and to the South by the Beagle Channel. The city is very much a very

Marina Beach Tourism, Indonesia

January 12th 2016 | Indonesia
Marina Beach is one of the beaches and tourist spots in Batam. Located in the western part of the island of Batam, Indonesia. The beach includes not only a tourist area, but also a place of the ferry docked. This beach is the most often visited by local and foreign tourists. Located in the western

No Man’s Land Fort, England

November 16th 2015 | England
No man’s Land Fort is a Fort which is very beautiful with views of the sea. This place has a variety of facilities that you want. This place is a castle in Gloucestershire, built as part of the fortress of Palmerston about 2.2 kilometers off the coast of the Isle of Wight. This span has

Barra de Guaratiba in Brazil

September 23rd 2015 | Brazil
Barra de Guaratiba is a very beautiful place once with a very cozy environment. It is located about 56 km from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This place has everything you want. You are here to be able to coast, mangrove forests and mountains. This place has great views. the beach features a restaurant and bar,

Bayang Root Bridge Indonesia

September 11th 2015 | Indonesia
Bayang Root Bridge is a bridge composed of interlacing two roots of trees that grow opposite and runs on top of the Trunk stream of the Bayang in the Bayang of the North, South Regency of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The bridge has a length of 25 meters and a width of 1.5 metres with a

Lion Slide Falls in USA

September 5th 2015 | Usa
Lion Slide Falls is a waterfall that is very well suited for swimming and jumping on top of a cliff. This waterfall is located in the North East of the city of Redding Sacramento Valley of Northern California, USA. Water terjin water has a very clear and very fresh. The waterfall is about 13 meters.
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