Sri Panwa Phuket Tourism Thailand

August 10th 2015 | Thailand
Sri Panwa Phuket is a place of exotic located on Cape Panwa in Phuket’s East Coast region, Thailand. There are several hotels and villas which offer luxury and beauty. Rooms with balcony and large terrace above the sea features fully equipped with quality beds that are equipped with amenities that are tailored to the type

Giraffe Manor Hotel Tourism, Kenya

August 8th 2015 | Africa
Giraffe Manor Hotel is a small hotel which is very beautiful with a view of the animals that are around this hotel. The Hotel is located 20 km from Nairobi, Kenya. Precisely in a town called Lang’ata. This Hotel is just a usual hotel but this hotel also shelters a species of giraffe that’s been

Balos Beach Tourism, Greece

August 7th 2015 | Greece
Balos Beach is a beautiful beach with a view of nature that is very unusual. It has everything you want. This beach is located in eastern Greece. The beach is very well suited to your vacation. This beach is your next trip tourism. You can reach this beach there are two ways. One way to

Grand Prismatic Spring in USA

August 5th 2015 | Usa
Grand Prismatic Spring is a hot spring which is fabulous with a colorful Rainbow-like water that is so beautiful and very unusual. This water has a color like the Rainbow, red, Orange, yellow, green and blue. The core of bright blue, like the deep sea. The outside is colored green and yellow. While the sides

Ha Long Bay Tourism, Vietnam

August 2nd 2015 | Vietnam
Ha Long Bay is a very beautiful place surrounded by limestone which is very high once and popular tourist destination in Vietnam. This place is in the Province of Quang Ninh, Vietnam. This place has a very beautiful beaches and natural scenery is fabulous. Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has

Lake Malawi Tourism, Malawi

July 10th 2015 | Africa
Lake Malawi is a largest lake in Africa with a very beautiful view of the Lake and the golden sandy beach. It is located on Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. It also has the greatest depth of second-and third-largest in Africa. This Lake has fish species other than any other Lake on Earth. Lake Malawi is
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