Panda inn Hotel, China

Wednesday, April 17th 2013. | China

Panda inn Hotel China Panda inn Hotel, China

Panda inn hotel is located at the foot of Mount Emei in Emeishan, Sichuan province in China’s Southwest, the hotel is scheduled to open in May, appears to answer the prayers of the traveling panda lovers need a place to sleep. Hotels with 32 rooms soon will embrace guests with the first interior decor as well as staff members dressed as pandas, with an all-black and white as the hallmark of panda lovers will be happy to be here. It’s hard to imagine the hotel did not meet the default world love pandas, but a two-minute drive will take you to the real deal in Chengdu, where the panda breeding and Research Center and is also the home of the Giant Panda born in the world. Sichuan province has China’s largest Panda population. Located in the Sichuan basin, Emei Mountain is the site of world heritage and cultural sites of the world.

Panda inn Hotel Design Panda inn Hotel, China

As a native Chinese panda habitat is a wonderful place to visit. Panda inn hotel is ideal for lovers of cute animals. For lovers of the panda is on it will feel like a pampered by panda. Panda inn hotel are available in single, twin and double rooms, and each room has a different theme than the panda like anime and film culture of embroidery and tea. It is fun isn’t it?

Panda inn Hotel Bedroom Panda inn Hotel, China

Panda inn Hotel Beautiful Panda inn Hotel, China

Panda inn Hotel Panda inn Hotel, China

Panda inn Hotel Tourist Panda inn Hotel, China

Panda inn Hotel Interior Panda inn Hotel, China

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