Pink Lake Tourism, Australia

Tuesday, February 5th 2013. | Australia

Natural Pink Lake Pink Lake Tourism, Australia

Pink Lake is a lake that colored salts are very amazing and very beautiful with surrounded by hills. The Lake is located in the Goldfields-Esperance, Western Australia only 3 kilometers west of Esperance and is bounded on the East by South Coast Highway. Pink Lake is not always pink in color but the typical color of the water changes as a result of the green alga Dunaliella salina halobacterium cutirubrum, Halobacteria, and high concentration of brine shrimp. After the lake water reaches the level of salinity is greater than sea water, the temperature is high enough and adequate light conditions and started collecting red pigment beta carotene. The pink Lake  Halobacteria grows in the salt crust at the bottom of the Lake and the color of the Lake is the result of a balance between salina and cutirubrum. The water in the Lake is always seems to have a pink color. During the dry summer months when high levels of salt and you will see it being Strawberry pink and often becomes red. And the color is not the result of chemicals dumped in the Lake but natural, indeed a wonder of the world. Before the production of Pink Salt Lake is investigated in 1980 and salt produced in solar ponds at the eastern end of the Lake. The company WA salt supply produce water salt, coarse salt and Sheepskin salt at the Esperance site.

Pink Lake Pink Lake Tourism, Australia

While the color of the Lake may be frightening and insecure, micro-organisms are not only safe to swim in the Middle, for the local residents who are constantly soak in the middle of the Lake in search of salt. So antioxidant-rich algae which they are often harvested and used in cosmetics and dietary supplements. As you can see very few organisms can survive in such conditions. The only reason this single-celled organisms are able to do so is because of its ability to make large amounts of beta carotene, which can help protect against intense light that reflects the salt and also gives the algae a dark pink color. The Lake is in 2013 is an awful lot of tourists come here to see the wonders of the world are here. And here you do not worry here as well there are hotels and restaurants around the Lake.

Pink Lake Australia Pink Lake Tourism, Australia

Pink Lake Wallpaper Pink Lake Tourism, Australia

Pink Lake Wallpaper HD Pink Lake Tourism, Australia

Pink Lake Beautiful Pink Lake Tourism, Australia

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Pink Lake Amazing Pink Lake Tourism, Australia

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