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Pontrieux () is a small town that pulls in a joyful and calm, with the site – a site that is very beautiful. Pontrieux is located in Western France in the Department of Cotes-d’Armor Department of the region of Brittany. Yves River flows through the center of the city. And the bridge that goes over the river means that the city has always been involved in the trade. The town is based around a single box 2, where Mme. Le Trocquer, is home to the “Maison de la Tour”, the 15th-century wooden building known locally as “La Tour Eiffel” with blue-painted timbers in a cross formation on the exterior of the property and named in tribute to world famous Tour Eiffel in Paris. The port’s success led to the construction of many fine bourgeois houses here, each House has its own bourgeoisie lavoir, washing a special area on the river where the maid can do family laundry without having to go to the communal washhouse. There are 50 of these private lavoirs along the River, each of which has been restored and beautifully planted with attractive floral displays. The best way to see the lavoirs on boat trip but a short walk along the Rue St Yves and you see a nice selection. Across the River at the bridge of St. Yves. On 15 August every year is very popular ‘ Fête des lavoirs ‘ was held. Pontrieux stretches along the banks of the River Trieux and owes its prosperity from the middle ages onwards to a position at the head of the estuary.

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From 15-19 century, active commercial town of Pontrieux is known primarily for her role in major industries, the production of cereals such as maize, flax and linen. Until the 19th century, the only one maintaining Pontrieux bridges between regional capitals, Guingamp, and sea make a nest of Commerce itself. In addition to this is where the first printing produced the first Paris Metro tickets at the turn of the 20th century, the Metro itself, which opened in July 1900. And also held the position of “capital district” for a decade from 1790-1800. If you would like to visit Pontrieux at night, when a boat trip along the River is an ideal way to see the city-many of lavoirs, bridges with caution and illuminated with colored light, giving it a completely different perspective – although the original domestic staff who spend time cleaning-linen in lavoirs may not admit it and very beautiful landscape.

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