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Thursday, April 4th 2013. | Spain

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Pyrenees is a mountain range that is very beautiful with a very thick blanket snow once and pull your heart. This place was one of the best in Europe with many secrets and combines breathtaking views with beautiful weather. A holiday here is very special with the loop around the mountain is very high. The Pyrenees is located in Southwest Europe that form a natural border between France and Spain. It separates the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of continental Europe, and extends about 500 km from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean. For the most part, the main peak forms a divider between France and Spain, with the small country of Andorra sandwiched in between. The Crown of Aragon and Kingdom of Navarra historically extended to both sides of the mountains, with small portions of the North and are now in France and the southern part of the much larger now in Spain. The villages here are major economies keep lamb and vegetables.

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In winter, the Valley in the Pyrenees is transformed into a beautiful, snowy landscapes and for cross-country skiing and snow-Shoe excursions away from the crowds. Here there are various habitats and areas that are the best in Europe to see the alpine flowers, rare birds and wildlife. Life in the mountains is still very traditional, as centuries of isolation and have created a valley dialect, local customs and a very independent attitude to life. By 2013, this place is very popular with tourists who come from different countries to climb the mountain. Every day, many travelers who come here. Because of the beauty of the mountains and villages. Hotels here are full of travelers because of the hotels here in complete with facilities suitable for your vacation. If you want to find and eat here there is also a very good restaurant with cuisine. You do not hesitate to come back here. Because in winter and the heat is very well suited to this place. Good luck to come here. And this place is perfect for your family vacation. ?

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