Red Beach Tourism in China

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Red Beach Natural Red Beach Tourism in China

Red Beach is a beautiful area and a protected natural reserve of 26 kilometers long and almost a mile wide at the Liaohe River near the mouth of the River. Red Beach about 30 kilometers southwest of the city of Panjin in China. The beach gets its name from its appearance, which is caused by a type of seaweed that is grown on the surface of the water. The grass began to grow during April or may remain green throughout the summer. In the fall, weeds still pink and looks as though it is covered by a red carpet which creates limitless views Red Beach are rare. Covering an area of nearly 600,000 hectares, including Liaohe River Delta swamp Panjin and Yingkou city, in Liaoning province, where the Hekou nature reserve Shuangtai has been set. This is a key habitat for migratory birds on the route of the East Asia-Australia. Endless expanse that is unique in the reed marshes the second largest in the world, Red-crowned crane, black-beaked gulls and terns and the former seal, see and the public, is part of the wetland ecosystem rich in colorful colors.

Red Beach Red Beach Tourism in China

There are 233 species of birds that inhabit in Red Beach, and there are more than 30 species of bird’s first and second grade national protection. The beautiful Red Beach National natural protection area becomes. Already part of the Liaohe area Tourism gold, because of its rich natural resources and beautiful natural scenery. When the tide includes Mud flats, haulms weeds can still be seen. After the install, the whole area appears red a spectacle again, which looks like a red cloud of burning on the beach. In addition, beach is listed on the international tourist route. More and more people are attracted by the beach is fantastic not only at home but abroad. At the time of Seep weed fully mature in September, it is a bright red color. Mud flat occupies the area of more than 90,000.

Red Beach Wallpaper Red Beach Tourism in China

Red Beach Wallpaper hd Red Beach Tourism in China

Red Beach Tourism in China Red Beach Tourism in China

Red Beach bird Red Beach Tourism in China

Red Beach Beautiful Red Beach Tourism in China

Red Beach Amazing Red Beach Tourism in China

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