Rock Tombs Tourism in Turkey

Saturday, January 5th 2013. | Turkey

Rock Tombs Beautiful Rock Tombs Tourism in Turkey

Rock Tombs are the tombs of Caunos Kings carved in the style of Lycian and here there is also an ancient mud baths and in use on the King of a bygone era. Rock Tombs located in the Anatolian province of Antalya and Fethiye in Turkey’s South coast, and the Inland province of Burdur. This place is known in the history of ancient Egypt and notes since the Hittite Empire in the late Bronze Age, was inhabited by speakers of the Luwian language group. The tomb is set high on a cliff. The best way to see the tomb was to sail up stream between the reeds. The majestic Rock tombs are illuminated at night to create a stunning background for dinner or a drink. In the spring there are many places in this area with is said to have healing minerals. Many people enjoy a visit to the mud baths. Bathing in a pool of mud covering themselves from head to toe in mud. All of the baths you need to wait for the mud to dry in the Sun. After the mud has been washed you can relax in the sulfur pools. This process is said to take your skin is dirty and the annual bath said.

Rock Tombs Rock Tombs Tourism in Turkey

The Rock Tombs, there are a lot of mountains, with a steep slope. Four mountain ranges extend from the northeast to the Southwest, forming the western end of the Taurus Mountains. The furthest is Boncuk Daglari mountain range and extending or Boncuk of Altinyayla, peaked at about 2,340 m. and the East is the Akdaglari or the White Mountains about 150 km (93 mi) long, with a high point at Uyluktepe or peak Uyluk 3,024 m. and to the East of Beydaglari Mountain peaks in the Bey Kizlarsevrisi, 3,086 m the highest point in Peninsular Teke — were. Rock Tombs are very amazing. At the beginning of this year many visitors come here to see the tomb of the Kings that were once ancient and wander around in very spectacular waterfalls. This place is preferred by Turkey because a lot of history here. Here too there are restaurant serving food native to the area.

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