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Ruthin Castle Park Ruthin Castle in England

Ruthin Castle is a very old Castle once and now in the hotel’s beautiful building is very special. The Fort was built in 1227 by Edward 1 as a Baron’s Castle, complete with plenty of Defense. The Fort was actually a wooden fortress. King Edward would like to control the Welsh, and so give Ruthin Dafydd, the brother of Prince Llewellyn AP Gryyudd back to help. In 1282, Llewellyn was considered a traitor when fidelity changed, and Reginald de Grey was later granted the Palace to build the best army in the world in the name of King Edward as a reward for his success. Ruthin Castle has an area of approximately 35 acres of gardens and Grounds including ruins and medieval dungeons. In 1923 the castle became the first private hospital in the United Kingdom for investigation and treatment of internal diseases do not obvious. Since 1960 the remainder of the castle have been incorporated into a hotel. Dining at this Fort once Mighty Welsh provides an unforgettable experience, with fine restaurants hotels as well as in the great Hall of the castle to join in the fun of the original Welsh.

Ruthin Castle Hotel Ruthin Castle in England

During the civil war Oliver Cromwell’s forces dismantled and destroyed United Kingdom castles, in a process organized refortification called slighting, to prevent it becoming a military fortress for the future. In Ruthin Castle offers two magnificent entrance Hall lounge, wood paneling and a bar in the library, all of which in accordance with historic character. The Hotel has a wide range of bedrooms, each individually decorated with the romance of the Palace, but equipped with all the amenities of a modern hotel. Ruthin Castle¬†is the place to explore the many mighty castles of North Wales and the beautiful mountain scenery of Snowdonia. This castle is 12 miles from Chester, a city famous for its exclusive designer shops and picturesque towns and stunning. Every day many tourists who come here to see how this long bias Castle and no one in exchange for the building materials and everything is still original and has not been replaced. We wish you a successful journey.

Ruthin Castle Amazing Ruthin Castle in England

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